Hotel & Resort

Suite-style accommodations

When you are on vacation, it is fair that your pet gets a vacation, too. Our comfortable suites are cozy, clean and climate-controlled, and provide our guests with comfort and safety while they stay with us.

Our suites are pleasant and welcoming, but we do not keep our guest there all day long. They spend the day playing with friends, chasing tennis balls, and being pampered by our caring staff. Our boarding guests enjoy all the benefits of Day Care & Playgroups guests.

Deluxe Suites

While on vacation your dog will enjoy spacious rooms to sleep in and relax. Each room has a bed, toys and a continuous supply of water to make them feel at home. We also have a huge screen TV for them to view their favorite doggie shows. When they go home they will be begging to come back and have more fun.

Cat Flats

While on vacation your cat will enjoy their cat flats. Each flat has a bed, toys, kitty litter and a continuous supply of water. Your cat will enjoy all the human attention they crave. Through out the day your cat will enjoy stretching his legs and exercising in the smaller playground.


 Pets are fed twice a day (mornings and evenings) and the food is included in the boarding price. If your pet is on a special diet or you would like to use your own food you may bring it.